Here is a growing list of Frequently Asked Questions, to serve as confirmation that The End Of All Existence Is December 31, 2011, 11:59 PM PST.

Initial FAQ posted August 15, 2011:

1. Who is Brother Douglas?

I am Douglas Waters. I was born in Oakland, California. When I was a young teen, in 1986, I was hospitalized at Thomason Memorial Hospital, a psychiatric hospital in Oakland.  Please note that in some Variant realities, that hospital was known as Gladman Memorial Hospital, and Prudence Memorial Hospital.

2. What is the significance of Thomason Memorial Hospital?

Thomason Memorial Hospital, like most psychiatric hospitals in California, is connected to various spiritual pathways – actual paths that lead to other material and spiritual existences.  While incarcerated there, primarily due to psychosis caused by drug abuse, I met two fellow patients named Laura Elizabeth Watson and Jenny Samuels.  During a brief relationship with Jenny Samuels, I found out that she could commune with The Black, the universal material force.  More significant, Laura Elizabeth Watson (also known as Frisbee) had a direct connection to The White, and to a spiritual entity called Sarah (also known as SAR.AI and Asherah).  Laura was partially possessed by Sarah, and given detailed prophecy telling of the first half of the end times, from 1986 while we were hospitalized, to October 3, 2000 (Laura’s prophesized and actual death).

Etching (more technically known as Meridian Scaffolding) was a technology that Laura Elizabeth Watson channeled from Sarah, into 1986, while she was hospitalized.  I witnessed her early attempts to manifest this technology via marking pens.  I also witnessed her manipulation of the spiritual pathways that passed through Thomason, that she called part of an Infinite Subway. At least two patients, Satomi Kurogane and Ai Watson-Carver, manifested for a short time via these portals.  There is added significance in this, since Satomi Kurogane was visiting from 1994, and Ai Watson-Carver was not only from 2011, but she was Laura Elizabeth Watson‘s as of yet unborn 16 year old daughter.

3. What is Antizine?

Laura Elizabeth Watson and Jenny Samuels created a small magazine (“zine”) while hospitalized, and continued it for a few years.  Antizine is one of the key pieces of evidence as to the true nature of the end times, and I am one of the people mentioned in it.  Recently, the only remaining Antizine fragments were gathered and published online:


4. What is the Collective?

Laura Elizabeth Watson’s connection to the Sarah entity was exploited by her friend, Sasha WilliamsSasha Williams managed to not only finalize a working version of the Meridian Scaffolding, but also an operating system to meld it to existing bodily pathways and systems.  Thus, technology from Sarah led to the creation of Antennas.  The technology was largely contained to a Collective of women – most were Pure Land Antennas, but some were secretly Dark Antennas as well, Jenny Samuels being a prime example.

5. Why are Antennas important?

Simply put, the existence of Pure Land Antennas created a spiritual instability in the universe.  This instability was accentuated by their actions on the night of October 31, 1994, which is commonly known as Point One (the beginning of the end times).  Point Zero (the end of this tribulation) will be December 31, 2011, at 11:59 PM PST.

6. Why are Dark Antennas particularly important?

Just as Pure Land Antennas started this period of tribulation, Dark Antennas will end it.  They will call upon the very forces that make up our material existence, and use them to destroy everything.

Please note that Antennas with inactive Meridian Scaffolding are commonly known as Dark Antennas, but a true Dark Antenna is actively connected to The Black.

7.  What is the exact means of this destruction?

Our universe contains 3 ultimate tools, which might as well be called weapons:

1) Massive Cloud Burst – No one knows the original name, but this nickname was bestowed by Tokie Murasaki, the Celestial Madonna.  It manifests as a small, Silver Sphere, and contains an unknown quantity of The Black.  It is the tool that the Creator used to make its Creation.

2) Name Unknown – This is the tool that opposes the Massive Cloud Burst.  It is a small, Golden Sphere, that contains an unknown quantity of The White.  It is the tool that the Creation can use to control the Creator.

Each of these two tools can be worn, but only by those with the correct Meridian Scaffolding and genealogical makeup.  The Massive Cloud Burst manifests as a gauntlet, running up an arm and part of the spine.  The Golden Sphere manifests as a penetrative weapon – sometimes a sword.

If the same individual wears both tools, then the 3rd tool is prophesized to manifest.  It should come as either as a crown or helmet.

Pure Land Antennas have long held control of the Massive Cloud BurstTokie, the Celestial Madonna, used it openly on October 31, 1994, and I was a witness to that.

Dark Antennas are rumored to have control of the Golden Sphere, but it hasn’t been seen since the time of creation, before anything was even named.  There is no direct evidence, save for indirect stories from those who have tried to witness (and affect) the first creation.

In any case, at each and every Point Zero so far, Pure Land Antennas led by Ai Watson-Carver have held the Massive Cloud Burst, while Dark Antennas (and other agents of The Black) have not gained control of the Golden Sphere.

The final Point Zero, which starts on December 31, 2011 at 11:59 PM PST, is prophesized to be the point where a Dark Antenna gains control of both spheres, and chooses to unmake not only our existence, but the entire Structure of all possible existences.

FAQ update posted November 3, 2011:

8. What is The White?

The White is what many people call Heaven – it’s where a human soul or spirit can go after death. The White is also a parasitic being that feeds on Universes, sucking them dry of all Spirit.

Not every soul is destined for The White, since there is a certain energetic structure that needs to be achieved before the spirit is digestible. Below that threshhold, spirits are consumed by lesser beings, which are commonly associated with “Purgatory”, “Hell” or any other number of spiritual concepts.

To ensure that a proper crop of beings is available to The White, certain humans have been influenced or even possessed over many millennia. The most effective and popular religions and spiritual practices were put into place by The White, to attune human souls to the necessary spiritual frequencies. Messianic figures are the “lures” that The White fishes with.

If you manage to join The White, you will be permanently trapped in a spiritual event horizon, during the process of digestion, which would seem infinitely long to the soul in question. During that time, spirits are able to commune with others that are similarly trapped, thus fulfilling the promise of being able to see your loved ones after death. Everyone who ever joins The White is always there, forever, experiencing their fantasies of the afterlife while being forced to “worship” (feed) it.

Pure Land Antennas are attuned to The White, but have the ability to carefully navigate beyond the spiritual event horizon, towards the Structure at large.

9. What is The Black?

The Black is everything that has ever existed materially, and the reservoir from which all existence is built. It is not equated to “Hell” or any other spiritual concept, since it is devoid of all spiritual energy.

The Black does not directly correlate to incorrect concepts such as Dark Matter, but there is a rough equivalency, in the sense that The Black cannot directly be perceived in the Universe, but its effect on standard Matter can.

The Black, while not having Spirit, has acquired a motive force. Not quite intelligence, this force is naturally attracted to The White, and desires to consume it. This has not yet happened, since The White has an infinite collective intelligence, but the end result of this battle is life – the encapsulation of Spirit within Matter (or the interpenetration of Matter and Spirit).

The Black often creates entities that don’t have Spirit, yet still act. They also can be controlled by external spirits. These material creatures have sometimes been associated with Aliens, or evil entities like Demons, which is incorrect – such entities exist, but are purely spiritual. Black Constructs are more aligned with literary concepts like Lovecraftian Old Ones, lurking in an existence beyond this one, waiting to penetrate and dominate our material existence.

Dark Antennas typically don’t worship The Black as an all-encompassing concept, but instead often focus on one or more Black Constructs.

The Black is what collects your material essence when you die, as it slowly filters through the sieve of normal Matter. That process is infinite, in the sense that it can only end as the Universe does.

10. Is there only one Universe?

The conception of One, Many, or Infinite Universes is something beyond this current discussion, but sufficed to say that The White and The Black have their separate dominions over all possible Universes. In fact, all possible Universes are “planted” via “seeds” fashioned from The Black, by spiritual intelligences that have managed to influence The White. Our current universe was created by Sarah in just such a fashion.

However, Cassandra has suggested that Sarah was a co-creator, along with a male force partially represented by the Judeo-Christian mythos. As can be expected, no possibility exists to firmly confirm or deny this, beyond witnessing the creative event itself. Cassandra has not been that forthcoming, and Sarah has not yet addressed her creation.

The Collective of Pure Land Antennas has mentioned Variant existences, which are not the traditional conception of a Parallel Universe. Instead, Variants are specific tunings of an existent Universe, which are materially distinct, but still connected to the core, Variant 0. Only Sarah (via SAR.AI, also known as Search And Rescue – Artificial Intelligence), and Cassandra/Helena have demonstrated the ability to create and destroy variants. Ai Watson-Carver utilized SAR.AI to create the main trunk of 237 Variants, but a seemingly infinite number of sub-Variants have been created by Cassandra/Helena, for purposes only known to them.

All Variants connected to our current Universe, and the core Universe itself, will be destroyed on December 31, 2011, at 11:59 PM PST..

The fate of all existent spirits is currently unknown, but Pure Land Antennas and Dark Antennas are conspiring to ferry/collect souls for their own purposes (which are not necessarily directly influenced by The White and The Black).

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