Your Final Door Is About To Open

This is a simple post, to reassure the worried.

At 11:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time) on December, 31, 2011, every doorway across the world will become a portal to The Structure.

During that hour before Midnight, a message will go out to every person that’s alive, no matter where they are, inviting them to step through into the beyond. Cassandra will be there to hold everyone’s hand as they leave this dying world – if you can’t stand, walk, or are asleep, she’ll still meet your spirit and offer the final choice.

You can walk through without leaving – just decline the invitation. No instruction manual is needed, for the just born or those taking their last breaths – you will understand the clear call, and you can take it, or leave it.

Your Final Door has to open at that time – it cannot appear before, and will never appear again.

As I’ve said before, those who are left behind will face the End Of All Existence. No one knows what that will entail, but it’s not what we have now. It’s nothing we’ve ever seen, or can see. How does one contemplate nothingness from within it?

I have lots to do in the last days. Even if no one will get a chance to read it, I’m still going to finish my story of Thomason Memorial Hospital, and the time I spent there in 1986 with Ai Watson-Carver. It may be the most important thing I’ll ever write.

I don’t want to mislead you into thinking that Ai, or Jenny Samuels, or anyone else is going to swoop down and save us all. We will lose, and lose badly, but the trick this time will literally be how we play the game.

Even if the board is upturned, and new pieces have to be placed one at a time. Even if the rules have to be written again from scratch.

You can take your Final Door, and join us as the new rules are written.

You can ignore the warning, and take your chances with Helena The Grand Supreme’s Checkmate.

Either way, I truly hope I do meet you again someday, for the first time.

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