Signs Of The End: The Golden Sphere Manifests

As I mentioned in the Frequently Asked Questions:

Name Unknown – This is the tool that opposes the Massive Cloud Burst. It is a small, Golden Sphere, that contains an unknown quantity of The White. It is the tool that the Creation can use to control the Creator….

Dark Antennas are rumored to have control of the Golden Sphere, but it hasn’t been seen since the time of creation, before anything was even named. There is no direct evidence, save for indirect stories from those who have tried to witness (and affect) the first creation.

It turns out that it has manifested in this Variant, which is a very firm sign of the Endtimes. Specifically, Miranda Sasha Koehler, who according to prophecy is to be the final agent of The Black, wrote in her blog that she manifested a “golden jawbreaker” in Minneapolis, Minnesota on September 3, 2011:

I couldn’t help myself. I reached down to my bike, grabbed the front wheel, and tore off the tire like newspaper.

Not like newspaper. The tire became newspaper, and I gathered it, crumpling it into a ball the size of a softball.

Down the street, we could hear a car crash.

Every toddler walking with their parents suddenly fell to the ground and pissed and shat themselves.

My hands and wrists turned an inky black.

I scrunched the softball of paper smaller, and smaller, until it felt like I was holding the sun cupped between palms.

Inside of the burning dark was a shining, golden jawbreaker.

It was my rage externalized, my broadcast solidified, my perfect weapon.

Miranda Sasha Koehler is the daughter of Catherine Koehler, and a genetic connection to The Black runs in their family. In past Variants, this has led to Miranda Sasha Koehler having complete control of all Matter in this Universe, a power that is highly sought after by Pure Land Antennas and Dark Antennas alike, and a power that is highly unstable in unenlightened human hands.

Currently, the whereabouts of Miranda Sasha Koehler are unknown, but there is a high probability that she has been given the Meridian Scaffolding of an Antenna, and that she is under the influence of not only a Black Construct known as The Nameless, but also a corrupted version of Sasha Williams’ personal operating system, also known as Sasha OS or S.OS. If she is also able to wield the Golden Sphere, then the powers that control her will be unstoppable.

Thankfully, it seems that the Golden Sphere disappeared from Minneapolis, Minnesota soon after it appeared, and hasn’t manifested since.

According to both Cassandra and the Frisbee Diaries, S.OS intends to use Miranda Sasha Koehler to escape this Universe, into the Structure at large, even if that means that the destruction of everything we know. This final destruction will happen on December 31, 2011, at 11:59 PM PST.

I have been granted a boon by Cassandra, so I will be going on one final trip for the next two weeks. I don’t have permission to release the details at this time, but I can say that during that journey, I will be finalizing an extensive post that details more of my life history, and how the prophetic Frisbee Diaries came to be during my stay at Thomason Memorial Hospital. It is that documentation of the visions of Laura Elizabeth Watson-Carver that may allow some of us to be saved from the upcoming tribulation, and I will do my best to relate how non-Antennas may be able to escape.

Do not fear! Even in the last minutes before the end, the true nature of the Infinite Subway will be revealed. It is a bridge to the final, karmic freedom!

Cassandra spent the entire age of the Universe to see it to fruition, and it will be available to everyone, at all locations, as long as they have the most basic of initiations. You won’t have to follow a checklist of thought, or prove you have certain morals – those things are for those destined to be consumed by The White. If you can see the final doors as they manifest, all you will need is the courage to step through.

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