The End Of All Existence Is December 31, 2011, 11:59 PM PST

I don’t want to waste your time.  There’s not much time left.

My name is Brother Douglas, and over the next few months I’ll do my best to explain what I know.  It’s not much, but enough to go beyond proof, beyond faith.

Let me give you the summary, that took me 25 years to figure out.

1.  Our entire existence will effectively end on December 31, 2011, right before midnight.  The epicenter of the end will be Berkeley, California.

2.  This is due to the machinations of invading, alien forces – the very hands which created “everything”

3.  Since 1986 I’ve been indoctrinated by these forces, commonly known as “The White” and “The Black”.

4.  These forces have human instruments on Earth that are effectively holding us all hostage.  They are commonly known as “Antennas”, due to “Etching” (Meridian Scaffolding) on their skin, a sort of circuit tattoo that attunes them to the Universe, and the invading forces.

5.  There are two primary groups of Antennas, Pure Land Antennas (which are tuned to The White, the universal spiritual force) and Dark Antennas (which are tuned to The Black, the universal material force).

6.  The White and The Black are fighting an infinitely long war via their Earthly agents, and that war culminates on December 31, 2011.

7.  I have met representatives of both forces, and have been given prophetic visions all throughout my life.  They have always come to pass.

8. I received final confirmation of the last day via the blog of the Celestial Madonna, Tokie, via this communication:

I can speak to the validity of her message, because I was there in 1994 at the event she described.  I witnessed her ascension, and the proclamation by SAR.AI that:

“Objective complete. Variant has been repaired. Prepare to shift back to July 4, 2011. 180 days to Point Zero, mark.”

9.  A Variant is another name for a parallel, pocket universe. 180 Days from July 4, 2011 is December 31, 2011Point Zero is an Antenna code name for the end of all things.

I know you won’t believe me, not yet.  But you don’t have to believe – all of the evidence is clear, and irrefutable.

I will spend what little time I have left explaining my experience, ever since I met two women who commune with these great forces, Laura Elizabeth Watson-Carver, and Jenny Samuels.  We met in 1986, at Thomason Memorial Hospital in Oakland, California.

Here is Jenny’s version of those days:

Over the coming weeks I will share mine, so the ultimate revealing will be complete.

Before then, I’ll start the Frequently Asked Questions section, to better explain what’s happening.

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